Monday, April 29, 2013

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Those things on Facebook that people share that should be researched first or really thought about. Let's really talk about this, with a few of my favorite (least favorite) graphics that I've ever seen.

Let us look at this timeless classic that addresses the second amendment rights we are guaranteed through the Constitution. Now recently there has been a lot of posts showing up in my news feed stating that this right is being threatened. Why? Because recently Obama started pushing for high capacity magazines to be banned. Which means that civilians can no longer purchase them. Now why is that an issue? Let me see. It really shouldn't be an issue, because in reality, it would decrease fatalities in mass shootings or shootings in general since there are multiple cases where the shooter was stopped when they had to stop to reload. Now if they had to stop to reload after five rounds rather than 13, I think a lot less people would be dead. Also, let's take a second to realize that asking civilians to give up their rights is not asking them to hand over their rifles, which, in cause you don't know, dear reader, is a single shot firearm. Congratulations on being ignorant, and trying to whip America into a frenzy about our Constitution being "violated", original poster. You, creator, are an idiot.

Next up is this graphic that is about Brian Terry being murdered by Drug Cartels using weapons they acquired during Operation Fast & Furious. This operation did not result in a border war, and it also was not an attack on our second amendment rights. Seriously, people. Not everything is an attack on our second amendment rights, stop trying to make every person who dies a martyr for your redneck arguments about how the President is trying to take your guns. The purpose of Operation Fast & Furious was to track down Mexican drug cartels. Also, the Operation immediately ended after Officer Terry was murdered. Thank you.

This particular misuse of a Peanuts cartoon upsets me greatly as well. Let's talk about things here. First of all, yes, gas prices are going up, the job market is crap, and it costs a lot to heat houses. However, none of these things have to do with the fact that religion has been removed from places of public education, government, and a commercialized holiday. Want me to explain? No? Too bad. There is a good reason religion is no longer being forced upon students. Because people in a position of authority over other people should NOT be telling them what to believe especially when that person holds someone else's grades and success in their hands. Gas prices are also not determined by religion or belief in God or anything like that. Gas prices are determined, most basically, by supply and demand. In reality, the amount of prices that are determined by religion are probably zero. I mean, a strong argument for Bibles could be made, but I'm also sure that's supply and demand. Also, let's celebrate the separation of church and state, because belief in a higher power is important to a lot of people, like me, but then again, a large majority of people do not. I don't think its correct that people want to mix church and state when all it would cause is more fighting in the country as we would then have to choose which church governed America, and then had to deal with a whole lot of Atheists who don't want to be told what to do by a God they don't believe exists. Many people need a higher power in their life, but not all of them. Also, America, not God, can fix these problems. We have not fallen out of God's grace as this suggests, people have just resorted to yet another form of scapegoating.

If there is a point here, it would be that before you share random posts on Facebook, THINK FIRST BECAUSE USUALLY THEY AREN'T LOGICAL AT ALL AND THEY MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A HUGE IDIOT.

Things just got so serious I had to all caps lock. But I'm serious, folks. Think you before you post. It will save you a lot of face palming later.

Alexis Olmstead is a very frustrated individual who regularly posts about things that grind her gears. She would post a link here to that series, but chances are, if you're a human being or anything that is alive, chances are she has blogged about you. Especially you. For more YKWRGMG check out her blog more often. 


Anonymous said...

Well said. In reguards to anyone and everyones tightly held beliefes on any of those subjects, guns, boarder wars, religion, the best part of believe is the lie. People just need to accept for every truth you accept there is atleast 20 people surrounding you in your life with 20 different belief systems that are probably working out just as well for them as your own is for you. Truth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perception is everything

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