Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clothes for Concerts

Once upon a time I was a senior in high school looking for a project. Since the end of my junior year I had wanted to start a program that would benefit the underprivileged students of the Omak High School music program by giving them a place to find something to wear for the mandatory performances.

Concert attire is usually kept to semi-professional black and white clothing, which is usually pretty hard on the wallet. My solution was to start Clothes for Concerts, a donation based program that lent clothing to students of the music program (and one boy who needed a tie for a dance) so that they would have a shirt and tie, or a nice pair of shoes, or a good skirt, or whatever else for the concert. Then the clothes were washed, and hung back up in the music closet, which I spent many hours organizing.

With the help of Mr. Pearce, Nadia Chilmonik, and The Chronicle, word spread about my little project and it achieved great success, bringing in donations from across the state and enabling students to have nice clothes to wear. However, upon graduating I was worried that my work would fall to the wayside and CFC would be forgotten.

Flash forward to Monday when I say Mrs. Pearce, Mr. Pearce's wife of course, at the store. She told me that they were still keeping up the closet and people were still donating. Thank you so much, Lynn, for telling me that, because it seriously made my entire week. Clothes for Concerts is still making an impact (even if its a small one) in the lives of students who need something, and I think that is super cool, and give me all sorts of wonderful feelings inside.

I, a naive girl of 17, made my mark and made a difference, and that's really neat.

And now I'm off to sift through my gently used black and white clothing to see if I have anything to donate. You all should, too!


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