Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paparazzi, Jewelry, and a $5 Bill.

Hello world,

I am writing to you today to tell you all about all the reasons you should attend my online Paparazzi party. Normally we think of the Paparazzi as something totally annoying that Britney Spears likes to attack with an umbrella. Not today. In this case, Paparazzi is a jewelry company that provides high quality gorgeous jewelry for only five dollars! Amazing, right?

As you all know, I wouldn't endorse something I don't believe in, and I totally believe in Paparazzi and not just because I'm totally addicted to the jewelry they sell. At the last online party I attended I snagged two necklaces that both came with matching earrings (in fact, ALL necklaces come with matching earrings), a totally adorable hair flower, and a ring all for only $20! So far I've spent $45 on Paparazzi jewelry and absolutely loved every single piece! In fact, I've worn everything that I'm not giving as a Christmas gift! I'll post some pictures of the pieces I scored at the end of this post.

The best thing is, with an online party, you can do all the shopping from the comfort of your own home, or the student lounge you should be studying for finals in, or the metro, or literally wherever your phone or laptop or tablet will connect to the internet. There are games where you can win prizes (meaning, free jewelry [holla!]) and a chance to buy some completely unique jewelry that you KNOW no one else will have!

Also, for you skin sensitive people like me - all the jewelry is lead and nickel free! So far I haven't had any issues with the pieces I bought, which is really great, because I've had to reluctantly sell or give away many a piece of jewelry because I had an allergic reaction to it.

So! Here's the details you need to know.

  • My online party runs from tomorrow, Dec. 11 at 8:30 pm to  Saturday Dec 20 at 10 pm
  • All items will be posted by my friend Nicole Leese, an independent consultant for Paparazzi in the event group, along with how many of each item she has. If you see something you like, comment "sold". Nicole will keep a running tally of the things you have bought for you. 
  • All items cost $5, which you can pay with cash, a check, or through PayPal if you don't live in Okanogan County. 
  • Delivery and pick-up can be arranged for all Okanogan County residents. If you live outside of Okanogan County there will be a small shipping fee.
  • All you have to do is get your computer, phone or tablet ready, and join my party!
  • P.S. If you just CANNOT wait to look at the jewelry that Paparazzi offers, check out Nicole's site!


Alexis Olmstead is a 21 year old part time waitress, full time retail therapy enthusiast who believes life is too short to not look wonderful all the time. When she isn't splurging on jewelry and engaging in general tom foolery, she is busy crocheting and binging on Bob's Burgers. For more recommendations, rants, and updates on her life, check back often.