Monday, April 1, 2013

Why It's Hard to Want to Be a Teacher

At first the only reason was
"because I'm not John Keating".
Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I would play school with my friends, and eventually teddy bears because apparently no one likes leaving school and going to pretend school.

But as I got older that game of make believe turned into a plan for my life and basically right around fifth grade it was public knowledge that I was (am) going to be a teacher someday.

However, its gotten harder to keep that dream alive. Why? Because of the brats that occupy the halls of high schools, that's why. Okay, I'm only partly serious when I call them brats. But my main reason is because of the students.

Now let me make one thing clear. I want to teach so that I can help my students not only learn about literature and theatre and the English language, but also so I can make a positive impact on their life in some other way.

My reasons may be clear and good enough, but if I ever wanted to give up on being a teacher, my entire reasoning would be because I know exactly what the students are going to say about me when they get home. Why? Because I'm a young adult with a tumblr.

What? I'm complaining about tumblr? You bet I am. Tumblr is a place where many people feel safe to let out their feelings and say what they want to, not what they feel other people want to hear. Baha. I'm just kidding. A lot of people join tumblr to get notes and only cater to the masses, not their actual feelings. Whether or not the user is a people-pleaser, chances are they have some sort of post dissing on teachers on their blog.

And why? Why do students (particularly high school) students hate their teachers so much? Because teachers actually make them behave and do work and not text during lecture and participate in society. So really the blame lies with the parents for not disciplining their children and then sending them to school to mistreat their teachers who are trying to prepare them for a world that now only accepts people with diplomas.

Everyday I read at least four things that make me want to give up on teaching, and I have yet to begin! How can I make a difference when I know the second I start doing anything, there are going to be students going home and telling their parents and friends how much they hate Ms. Olmstead?

These are the things I worry about at night. And what if I have to fail a kid? You know who is going to get blamed? Me. Because long ago parents forgot that the teacher teaches, but the student doesn't always learn. And that's also hard. Because no matter how hard I try I can't make the kids learn stuff if they don't want to and that reflects badly on me, ya know?

But really what it all goes back tohere is parents. Dear parents of children who I will someday see in a high school classroom: Please teach your children to be respectful. I understand I'll get hormone controlled, acne infested boys and girls no matter what, but please send them in with some manners, and the ability to shut their yapper when teacher is talking.

Because otherwise I will start petitioning for the right to use the paddle in schools again.


Or am I?


Randomsquirrel42 said...

I'm still convinced that you're more likely to be the teacher that kids post "OMG my teacher is so cool today she..." about.

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