Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Justin Bieber,

I admit it. Once upon a time you wooed me with your lyrics. I would have been your girlfriend and let you be my Buzz Lightyear, whatever that means. But after the past month I can definitely say that you need to leave the limelight and possibly sit in the corner and think about what you've done for a while.

I mean, getting in a tussle with the paparazzi I mildly understand, but writing in Anne Frank's guestbook that you hope she would have been a belieber and throwing up gang signs while in photos taken at the Anne Frank museum? That's taking it too far. Let's face it. You're over worked and not spending enough time educating yourself on how to behave properly in this world. Please do the rest of the human beings in our demographic a favor and get a job flipping burgers for a while. Come back down to Earth and realize that no, we don't all love you, no you shouldn't throw up or pass out backstage at concerts because its not healthy, and yes, its okay that you're quickly losing popularity because your increasingly crazy antics and increasingly baggy pants. I seriously don't even KNOW how its possibly to have baggy skinny jeans, but then again, I don't want to know.

Also, what about the pet monkey you abandoned? I mean, first you didn't let it stay with its mother as long as necessary and then you just leave it in Munich. Not okay. Are you aware of the fact that your monkey can't even eat without having a comfort object to hold close? I bet you aren't, since you LITERALLY just abandoned it.

I know you're tired of trying to have to keep the public/media happy but you're a celebrity. That's what your job entails, keeping us happy with your voice/sweet dance moves learned from Usher. So stop upsetting us. Because I can tell you now, it looks like you're about to get fired if you keep up these antics.

Now as much as I think you're kind of being terrible recently, don't think I have discredited some of your good deeds, such as helping raise awareness (and money) for atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumours (AT/RT) research by offering to meet the fan (belieber) who raises the most money for AT/RT research. I also applaud you for flying out your number one fan, Avalanna Ruth, out to New York with her family so she could hang out with you on Valentine's Day in 2012.

I was also really impressed to find that you have donated $500,000 to the Make A Wish foundation, performed a benefit concert for and gave equipment to a school in Las Vegas who helps students with rough lives excel, and contributed to organ donors in Ontario.

Also, your more recent visit to 7 year old Millie Flamm of Utah who is being treated for leukemia was definitely something to smile about.

My point here is, Bieber that you've done some good in the world, but I think your star has fizzled out. What happened to cute JBieb who sang cheesy bubble gum pop and didn't experiment with marijuana or abandon monkeys in German airports. Also, put a shirt on.


A concerned ex-fan.


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