Friday, June 7, 2013

Sexism in Advertising

Once upon a time I was scrolling down my tumblr dashboard when I saw a group of some of the most sexist advertisements that I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Now being from small town, USA I don't actually see to many print ads that make me want to slam people into walls, but today I just really am feeling the need to crack some heads open. However, since I'm not strong enough to actually crack heads, I will unleash my massive amounts of sarcasm and logic on these ads.

First of with milk trying to calm woman with PMS. If you apologized to me with those words and three gallons of milk I would smack that scared look right off your face. If you say something to me that makes me freak out and go nuts on you, chances are, I'm not PMS-ing, you're just stupid. And chances are, Milk Man, you made the mistake of then going "Are you on your period or something?" Bad. Move. Because if I'm not, you're going to get a hand to the face, and if I am....well let's just say I won't be the only one bleeding today.

There are a million other ways the "got milk?" campaign could have gone to make this ad both funny and informative. I mean, we all know it builds strong bones, but how about a picture of a fat cat drinking milk and then ending up skinny? Because milk drinkers are thinner than their non milk drinking counterparts. I mean honestly, so many non-sexist ways to go with this ad and you chose THIS ONE.

Quick! What famous model actress person endorses PETA while not wearing clothes? Palmela Handerson! You got it! Oops. I meant Pamela Anderson.

It is true that all animals have the same parts. But some animals happen to taste better than other animals,which is why so many men, which this ad is clearly aimed at, partake of red meat. Like that little cow with the heart in the center left of the ad.

Honestly, I think that this ad isn't going to turn many people into vegetarians. However, it will end up under a lot of teenage boys beds. So there's that. Also, yes, all animals have the same parts. But you don't see society hyper-sexualizing a chicken's legs, do you?

On another note, this photo is blatantly photoshopped, but that's a rant for a different day.

What the actual F*** was The Organ Donor Foundation thinking when they came up with this print ad?

I mean, what happened in that board meeting that caused this ad to be born?

"Hey Jim, I don't know about you, but not enough men are becoming organ donors these days, what should we do?"

"I don't know Bob, put a prostitute on a print ad?"


I'm sorry, but again. Since when has seeing naked or nearly naked women caused men to do anything except lose the ability to think clearly?

Oh. Oh wait. I get it. If they're being stupid they will go become organ donors? Was that the plan here?

No. The plan was to up the visibility of their print ads. And in order to do so, they needed something that people would look at and react to. Something like nearly naked women! And I mean, obviously its working somehow because this is one print ad that is receiving a lot of criticism. I can tell you that right now.

You know what's great BESIDES having one of your organs inside a person of the opposite (or same if you swing that way, no judgement) gender? Having the chance to save someone's life and taking it.

DR. Pepper 10 is not for women. Its for misogynists. Because apparently women couldn't handle something that had 23 flavors and only 10 calories. Not like women are the number one consumer of diet sodas or anything. Not like women can pretty much handle anything men can't, including pain like childbirth.

DP Ten is a failure of a marketing campaign and since I haven't seen it in stores in months, also a failure of a soda. I wonder if it was because women weren't buying it since its not for us, and men weren't either since they don't normally drink diet soda? I don't know. YOU DECIDE.

 American Apparel is known for its print ads that showcase people in very non-modelish but also modelish poses and some sort of slogan underneath. However, it also known for its unethical practices regarding hiring/firing and photoshoots of employees or wannabe employees that are then used as ads, sometimes without their permission. The company has been sued several times for sexual harassment and a handful of those times the suit included the companies photographers.

Now they have gone even farther in almost advertising the fact that they are one of the skeeziest clothing companies in America right now, right behind A&F and don't even get me started on this one.

This girl does not look anything on her is open. Seriously. She looks really scared, and super uncomfortable. But she was probably told she had to take this photo or she wouldn't have a job, so there's that. Nothing sells clothes like an uncomfortable model in a scandalous pose, that's for sure.

Also, when I saw this at first I thought it was an ad for a strip joint and I'm not even joking.

Nothing says high fashion like...what the hell are they even doing in this photo? I don't know but somehow that woman is being sexualized, possibly taken advantage of, and there are three men who aren't doing anything about it.

Mmmm. You go D&G. You sure know how to make print ads.

One of the reasons we continue to see so much sexism and patriarchy in the world today is because the advertisers notice it is a trend in society right now and capitalize on that. I honestly believe we wouldn't see so much of the social injustices as we do right now if advertising could stop contributing to things like sexism, patriarchy, body image negativity, and the like.

But they won't because that is what gets the ads noticed. So be aware of the wrongdoings of the advertising world and do your best to not be influenced by them. Especially if they are so willing to make a buck that they would willing dehumanize females in the name of selling clothing, or soda, or anything.


Megan Howen said...

The way the Peta ad is done just honestly makes me think "cannibals would find this much more informative than normal, sane human beings".

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