Monday, February 6, 2012

Having Sex

    So everyone and their brother seems to be having sex. And I am one of the few females in my town that has retained their virginity, which also makes me a walking target. People of the opposite gender hang out with me and the first thing they try to do is get in my pants. I would just like to let the world know, I like my pants ON. Not down around my ankles. In fact, I don't really like being naked, and until I'm comfortable with my body, how am I supposed to be comfortable with someone else seeing my naked body? Furthermore, the Bible, which I like to base a lot of my living off of, says that sex before marriage is a BIG NO NO. So, until my last name is successfully hyphenated and I have this awesome wedding ring on my left hand, there will be no sex.
     Many people call this prude, they call it ridiculous, they call it old fashioned, they call it stupid. But I like to call it having morals. I like to think that because I'm saving myself for someone, everything will be better, because I waited to share that special part of myself with my husband. Ideally, he will have that special part of himself for me as well, which is the amazing part of going to a Christian Private School. Pretty much everyone there (no, that's not the truth) a large majority of the population of males that are worth spending time on and with share this viewpoint, you know the I Will after I Do viewpoint. And that makes the possibility of finding someone who will save themselves for me just I've been saving myself for them so much larger. Way bigger than anyone in silly old OMAK, the place I happen to call my home.
    I guess in today's society I might be considered a nun but that's just not so. I'm just a person with morals, and I know what I hold to high importance in today's crazy messed up world. Well, here's the deal. You stick to your guns, and I'll stick to mine. That's the way it works.
   Purity and chastity may be overrated, but they sure make everything less dramatic and worry-free.


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