Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On The Road Again....

Lately I've been horrible about updating. I also haven't really been inspired to post anything. I've been so busy with Into the Woods, work, and trying to learn to drive, that I haven't even thought about it.

But recently, all my friends graduated from college, and a bunch of them landed sweet new jobs. I'm gonna start by saying congrats, guys. If you're reading this, I love you all so much and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished.

However, seeing all these posts about graduation threw me into a weird young-adult crisis. I should be graduating with those people. I should be walking across a stage in front of a ridiculous amount of people and posing for group pictures with my friends. If I only I hadn't messed around so much in college, if I only I had actually gone back after a year like I promised myself I would, if only I wasn't so scared to go back, if only if only if only.

But here's the thing, I believe that some things in life happen for a reason. And if I'm going to be stuck in Omak I might as well make the best of it. Maybe I'm not meant to work at Home Depot forever (I am definitely not meant for that), but maybe I was meant to work there and meet someone who will help me accomplish everything I've ever wanted to in life.

I have to believe that there is some higher purpose to my life and that I'm going down a road that will lead me to ultimate happiness. I mean, maybe I wasn't meant to be at Whitworth and that's why I didn't stay. But I met people there that will always be a part of my life, no matter where I choose to go back to school. I've stumbled and gotten lost more than once over the past three years, but I feel like I'm starting to figure it out.

I can't give up on my dreams just because I occasionally get discouraged by seeing all my friends accomplishing wonderful things in the world. If anything, seeing them graduating and going off to all corners of the world should inspire me to make a move in my life so I can do the same thing.

Here's to a better future. #nowheretogobutUP

Alexis Olmstead is a 21 year old diva living and working in boring Okanogan County. She spends her days watching too much Parks and Rec (is there such a thing?), crocheting, and staring obsessively at her phone. For more updates as she learns important life lessons, check back sporadically. 


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