Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There Will Come a Time

There will be days when you wonder why everyone gets a mother and you don't.
Days when you'll look up at the sky and wonder what it was you did to make God do this to you.
You'll hear other kids talk about how great their mom is or what awesome job their dad has and a little part of you will die.
You'll go home depressed, and maybe lay alone in your room and cry,
Pissed that she abandoned you, asking yourself why he never took the time to say goodbye
And everyday going over the last time you saw them,
The eternal question playing in your mind.

Why didn't you say that you loved them when you had the chance?
Why won't they come back and hug you one last time?
Why won't they tell you they love you more than life itself?
And why, more than anything, did they have to leave?
Was there something you could have done differently to make them stay?
Could you have stopped the cancer?
Convinced her to stop drinking?
Begged him to stay, told him you would be better?

The answer is no.
Because her death and his walking out have nothing to do with how many dogs you walked or four leaf clovers you picked.
Falling asleep in church didn't cause the cancer and crying over spilt milk didn't chase your father away.
And even though you get a lump in your throat during that one part in Mars Needs Moms, you couldn't have stopped fate.

There will be days when you feel like you're drowning in depression,
The dark sea only spitting you out long enough to fill your lungs with enough happiness to keep you from dying.
But remember even when you're underwater you're on your way
Sometime and it may be soon or far away, you'll graduate from all of this
From the school of survivors, with a class of human more understanding than the rest.

There will come a time when you realize you've tasted death and how valuable life is
So even though you get scared at night during thunder storms and no one comes to tuck you in and hug you until its over, you'll make it.
You will find people worth filling the hole in your heart with.

There will come a time when you can be happy again.


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