Friday, February 8, 2013

My Ever Growing Family

Over Christmas vacation I had the joy of visiting with my two youngest brothers, as well as their adopted mother and sister. While at first I was kind of nervous to be eating dinner with them as soon as I met up with them at Hometown I was glad I had agreed to the meeting. No one else could be a better mother to my two brothers than Sommer and Mariah is a perfect sister to the two most energetic children I have ever laid eyes on.
   The first time I met Sommer was towards the end of March and probably the time when I have felt most like a stalker in my entire life. At the time I was working at Dairy Queen and I saw this blonde child that I KNEW had to be Zachary just by his hair (if you know him, you know what I mean). I didn't want to be TOO creepy, but I wanted to make sure my eyes didn't betray me, so in what was probably the most conspicuos inconspicous manner possible, I very thoroughly cleaned the area next to where they were all seated and tried not to be obvious as I stared the whole family down. Walking away I KNEW that Zach and Tristen were there and they were so freaking cute and I was so excited I had to go back and do dishes to keep from exploding.
   But then Sommer came up to the front counter (was she asking for napkins? I can't remember it's not important to the story) and I HAD to know. So I asked if those were my brothers, hoping I didn't sound like a loon, and to my surprise she said yes. I actually had never met Tristen, so I got to meet him for the first time and let me tell you, I went home a very happy fast food worker that night. My hands shook for the rest of my shift.
L-R: Zachary, Me, Tristen, Russel, Stephenie and Mariah
     From then on Sommer has done her best to make sure that I feel like I can be a part of Zach and Tristen's lives and I couldn't be happier. I was always scared that having two brothers adopted out would ensure that I would never see them again, but Sommer does her best to make sure that we are as much a part of their lives as we can be.
   I'm so glad to be allowed to be a part of the Flores family, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.
   I used to worry about the future of my brothers, now I see their pictures everyday and know that they are safe, and they are loved. And seeing their smiling faces in photos on Sommer and Mariah's facebooks makes my days happier. It means a lot to me for my brothers to have a good childhood. That's all I could have ever asked for from anyone that adopted them. My every prayer has been answered and I thank God for that every single day.
    Thanks again, Sommer. You're a perfect mom for my brothers and Mariah, you're a wonderful sister and a beautiful young lady. Until next time.


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