Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Years Resolutions I'll Actually Keep.

To write
To learn
To achieve 
To conquer. 

Four two letter statements. Four goals for the new year. Write more, because I know that its something I’m good at, and should be doing more because when I sit down and write, suddenly the world is at peace and even though my mind is a tumultuous sea of paradoxes, confusion, and bad decision making, it all stops for a few moments and I feel whole again.

Learn things, because life is a never ending education that we as humans would be fools to ignore. Even the flowers that come back year after year have something to teach us. That sometimes we have to go underground for a while before we’re able to bloom once more. One of those “even the darkest night will end and the sun will shine” sentiments that I’m so fond of. There’s so much to be learned while we’re here, from a stranger’s smile to the way the sun reflects off of the snow, so why be a fool and be ignorant of that?

Achieve something. Maybe I’ll start with being able to spell achieve correctly on the first try. And then I’ll move on to something grand. Maybe the achievement will be in my finally understanding that not all achievements will be noticed by the world, some will only be seen by a few people and others still will only be noticeable to me. Maybe I’ll finish a book, or lose five pounds, or go back to school, or change someone’s life. I don’t know yet, but I plan to find out. 

Veni vidi vici (or something like that). I will conquer this year. I will emerge from 2013 a better person who has done something worthwhile with their life. Last year I fell off the wagon, this year I’m getting back on it. 
Look out world, Alexis is on her way to a new existence. 


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