Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dear Sandy Hook Dissenters

Dear Sandy Hook Dissenters,

Jesus Christ people. What do you want, photos of dead children to prove to the world that this event actually happened? Do you want parents wearing sackcloth and groveling in the ashes whilst gnashing their teeth and pulling out their hair on the evening news to prove that they are really grieving? Do you want minute by minute updates from the teachers who died? Seriously. Let me know what it is you need to allow me to stop hearing and seeing all the bullshit I've had to endure for the last week.


Today has been a low point in my faith for humanity. I thought I'd seen terrible things in my life. Let's face it, people in my generation have lived through 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, The Virginia Tech Shooting, and countless other things. I've always regarded these things as the most tragic events to occur in my life until today when I wasted thirty minutes of my life listening to a conspiracy theorist ramble about how the whole thing is a fake. While many things were addressed, one was never brought up. If the whole Sandy Hook Elementary massacre is a staged event in order to raise money for a so-called beautification project and all the people seen in interviews are actors, where are they hiding the 26 victims?

Answer me that, conspiracy theorists.

I will admit right now that my arguments are all stemming from the thirty wasted minutes that I spent watching the video I will post down at the bottom, because even though I think it's all stupid and America just needs to learn to accept the fact that terrible things happen and that yes, 26 people are dead as a result of a shooter's actions, I do believe that people should be allowed to decide for themselves.

Anyways, during the course of the video the interviews with a man named Gene Rosen are mentioned. They talk about how inconsistent is story is, how he is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and how he's just generally wrong about everything. I do think that Gene Rosen discredits Sandy Hook because I also think that Gene Rosen is a fake. Whenever something huge happens there are people that are going to want to gain their fifteen minutes of fame from it. Especially say, a member of the S.A.G who has not amounted to any fame because answer me honestly, have YOU ever heard of him? I think that Gene Rosen saw an opportunity to get some attention and ran with it.

But what irritates me the most about this whole thing is that whenever the conspiracy theorists jump on a new disaster they completely discredit the fact that the world is a strange and terrible place and that coincidences do happen.

Apparently the day that the Sandy Hook shooting occurred both FEMA and Homeland Security were conducting classes 20 minutes South in Bridgeport, CT on how to deal with crises involved children. Oh no, let's call a red flag on the whole operation, Jim. FEMA AND Homeland Security were there, obviously the government, Newton, CT and 26 different families were all working together to play on the sympathy of Americans so that Sandy Hook Elementary could become renovated. I mean, that's the logical conclusion, correct? No. Please, go see a shrink.

Another moment during the video where I questioned the judgement of ThinkOutsideTheTV (user name of OP) was when they sat and questioned why there were no children being rushed out of the school when the entire building was on lockdown and people were just milling about the parking lot. First of all, the building is on lockdown. That means no one enters and no one leaves. HELLO. That's why there is no footage of anyone leaving, especially children, who would probably be the intended targets during an elementary school shooting.

And the whole people milling about the parking lot thing. "Where are the parents, why is everyone so calm?" The parking lot was blocked off, I doubt the parents were there, and just a guess, but I'm sure the people in the parking lot were individuals who were trained to remain calm in such situations.

I have a lot more thoughts on this video and the whole situation but it's three a.m. and I don't have the patience to type them out. What I will say is this. Fake or not, and I'm on the side of the people who say it really happened, the whole tragedy should no longer be making national news.

Why? Because the number one cause of mass murders in America is the overexposure of the public to mass murders in America. Read more on that fact here.

And now, as promised, the video that upset me so much that I decided to blog about it at 3 am instead of going to sleep and getting enough rest to do a good job at work the next day.

Kudos to conspiracy theorists everywhere for being the group of people on the face of this planet to have the audacity to question tragedy that will leave groups of people traumatized for their whole lives and a big shout out to the news channels of the world for making it possible for conspiracy theorists to draw crazy conclusions from your faulty reporting.

I urge you to always keep an open mind and to think logically about every piece of information that is ever presented to you. But at the same time, remember that there are loonies living among us. 

Peace and Love. 


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