Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moonlight Sonata: Adagio Sostenuto

Haunting, as if someone has lost something, and can’t find it. 
I an see them now, walking up stairs, looking left and right on the top floor, then they come to a window, see the light. The darkness that surrounds it, but still the moon shines on.
They pause to think, what have they come for, it is lost, that is all they know. 
A flashback to a happier time, overshadowed by the knowledge of what is to come. A tear, in its loneliness slides down the thinkers face. He turns away from the window.
Now, fully absorbed in his memories, none too happy, but happier than he was a moment ago. There she is, in the moonlight, beautiful. He is in love.
But someone has stolen her. He chases. She runs away from the man who stole her, they meet, he lifts her, then she is suddenly pulled away. Running back, she screams out his name. 
What is his name? He doesn’t remember. The moon lighting his sillouhette, he continues to walk on. He pauses. 
Where is she now? His love. The scene continues to repeat. His love being taken away. He is getting more and more upset. 
He runs through the dilapidated house. Where is she? He can’t find her. He is alone.


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