Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wedding ≠ Sexy

I don't know if this is a defect on my part r not, but whenever I think of me on my wedding day, I never think of myself looking sexy. By saying that, I'm not saying that I don't think I'm pretty, because believe me, I'm chalk-full of self-appreciation, I just don't think that in the whole equation of my wedding day, sex appeal does not belong. In fact, I've always pictured wedding days of something that's full of beauty, grace, and call me old fashioned, but modesty as well. Why are such things entering my mind? Because of wedding dress descriptions on Pinterest. Yup, social networking sites have me thinking about my life, and more specifically, my wedding day.

Like I mentioned before, the word wedding has never been equated with sex appeal in my mind. In fact, I decided long ago that my dress would be quite modest. Upon request, I'll describe my dream dress, but to save time, I'm not going to detail it in this post. While many women go for the lower cut and modern dresses as a symbol of being comfortable with themselves and being allowed to wear what they please, I hold to the belief that the only person who I want checking me out come my wedding day, is my husband, because after all, that's why I've been saving myself, is so that he doesn't have to share me with anyone else. On this whole traditions track, I'm also going to wear a veil, something that is disappearing from weddings with surprising speed. Why? Because I like the symbolism. (What symbolism? Well, just like the white gown, a veil represents virginity, innocence, and purity). I like the fact that as a whole, weddings are traditionally simple and pure, kinda like love should be, right?

As zealous as I am about tradition (insert Fiddler On the Roof tune here) I am leaving some things out on my big day, the biggest but smallest thing would be the word "obey" that comes with the traditional vows (I may also request our own vows, I like the romance of writing your own). Also, at this point, I think the garter is going to have to go. And I don't mean on my leg. I mean it has no place in my wedding. Why? Because I don't need to obey anyone except my God and my future husband, as much as he would like to pretend, will not be my God. And, going back to the whole modesty thing, if hubby wants to take my clothes off, he can wait until the honeymoon, I mean, we'll be in public! If he really wants to throw something to his crazed groomsmen, we'll get some season passes to see the Giants or something.

Prude? Maybe a little bit.
Ashamed? Never.


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