Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life is More Than Just Existing

"Today is a gorgeous day, and despite the mild wind, running would be excellent right now." This is a thought that I have had recurringly over the past few days, however, have I gone running? No. I opt instead to watch a movie, eat more ice cream or waste my time on Facebook (as most of you have noticed, I currently fall into the "facebooking her life away" catagory). Time well spent? I'll be the first to say no.

I've been thinking about this (as well as new monologue pieces) a lot lately. People waste SO much time doing meaningless things so that they can avoid doing something worthwhile. And I'm not just talking about putting off the homework for another hour type of procastination, either. People find excuses not have new experiences or enrich their lives somehow. And by people, I mean myself included.

I know often times I eschew things I would enjoy doing because there is no one to accompany me in the endeavor. Another pretty obvious fact about me - I'm super social. But over these past few months I've learned that some things are best experienced in solitude, where social norms don't really come into play and the mind, instead of thinking of acceptable responses and conversation topics, can focus on the surrounding beauty of a sunset, or a clear, starry night.

Whilst giving yourself that "me" (or "you", in this situation) time, your mind is able to make conclusions about life without input from others. You don't have to worry about whether your company feels ignored, you can just be and have an experience that you'll never forget, whether its deciding to go back to school while out on a walk by yourself or learning that the sky is best viewed at night while lying on a blanket, your mind is wonderful if you allow it to roam free.

So - here's to living. And by living, I mean more than merely existing. I mean actively participating in the wonderful life that I have been given and making my own story, rather than sitting meekly on the sidelines and watching everyone else write theirs.


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