Saturday, August 25, 2012

To My Someday Cheer Squad:

One of my goals in life is to be a cheer coach. Cheerleading was very important to me, and I think that it's important to share what I love with other people who appreciate it as well. However, I'm going to be hard as nails coach because I want my team to be amazing. So I figured out rules for the cheer squad I hope to coach.

  • There will be one week at the beginning of every season where everything will be in a “grace period” so corrections will be given without consequence and hopefully applied. 
  • After that week, you get one warning. If I say point your toes more than once, you run. If I say tighten up more than once, you run. 
  • Hair may be dyed natural colors only. Highlights of unnatural colors may be permitted as long as they do not clash with the uniform and are maintained. This will be on a case by case basis. 
  • If your bangs prevent me from making eye contact with you, there’s a problem and you will be asked to fix it.
  • High ponies are the official hair style of cheerleading for a reason. The only time you do not follow this rule is if you cut all your hair off and style it into a bob. 
  • Full uniforms or warmups will be worn at all times during competition. However, you may change out of your shoes after performing. 
  • No practice wear, no practice. 
  • If you soffe shorts are part of the practice wear please do the world a favor and put spandex on underneath. 
  • A stunt will not be put into routine until it can be performed flawlessly 10 times in a row at practice. 
  • Everyone deserves a chance to fly. You don’t wanna fly? Cool stay grounded. You do wanna fly? Even better, you will at fly at least once during practice.
  • No one is too tall too heavy too anything to fly. If you are a flyer and make a comment suggesting so, you will be turned into a base. 
  • Once positions are set they will stay that way unless someone dies or drops out.
  • You better be dying if you don’t show up to practice.
  • You’re late? You run. You leave early? You run at the next practice. 
  • Your teammates are your brothers and sisters and your coaches are your parents. Failure to accept that is grounds for dismissal. I’m not saying you all have to like each other, but you do all have to respect each other.
  • If I put you in a point position or give you last pass you better show me each and every day why you deserve to be there or I will replace you.
  • There will be no eating at practice.
  • There will be no gum chewing at practice.
  • If you get hit during routine, you keep going. Do not exit the mat or field unless you're broken in some way or are about to pass out. Winners never quit. Fight through the pain. All those cheesy cliches. 
  • Cell phones will be put in a cell phone bin in the coaches office until after practice. If it absolutely necessary for you to have it out, please approach me about it first.
  • Cheerleading is hard. Cheerleading isn’t always fun. But you work at it and you give it 110% each and every day you have the privilege to walk into practice or competition and I promise, you will ALWAYS have something to be proud of yourself about.


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