Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar.

I shouldn't have to burn a bra, stage a protest, or boycott something to have my opinions made. I shouldn't have to worry about not getting equal wages as a man even though we have the same amount of schooling. I shouldn't have to face judgement because I want to keep my last name. I shouldn't be considered weak, less intelligent, or a bad driver because of my gender.

If I choose to love a woman, people shouldn't think that it's because I'll appear more attractive that way. When I do something drastic because I want to make myself happy, I shouldn't have to worry about people thinking it's only because I'm a woman and therefore, trying to make a scene. If I hang out with boys all the time, I shouldn't have to worry about being labeled as a "slut" or some other negative term when men who hang out with only women acquire names with only positive connotations.

My education should be equal to my pay. I should not be expected to settle down and have kids. I should be allowed to be independent, and should not need a man to do things for me.

Doing things "like a girl" should not be a bad thing, because according to scientific studies, in some areas, girls perform better (let's start with pain tolerance. Once men are bearing the children, they can label me as much as they want). I shouldn't have to flirt to get a job, and I shouldn't have to use my appearance to get hired, either.

I should be granted equality, to the full letter of the law, and I should be allowed to be proud of the fact that I am a young woman. I shouldn't have to deal with the oppressiveness that's "gone away" because saying that women's rights are no longer an issue is like saying racism doesn't exist in America. And we all know that we are a country of remarkable racism.

So let me be proud of my gender. Let me be proud of the things that women accomplish everyday and don't underestimate me because I'm a woman.


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